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Over the many successful years livewire has been providing our key services to our customer base. On many occasions and especially with large scale projects the need for a fully integrated service becomes more apparent.

Livewire can incorporate any of our additional services with a full Data, Power or telephony installation, saving time and reducing the overall budget cost for a complete solution.

Alternately Livewire can offer Smartboard, access control, CCTV and Rointe installations as a standalone installation. Livewire have selected what we feel to be the best product range available.

We have worked extensively with manufactures and suppliers to ensure a trouble free installation and continued back up service.

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Recent developments in CCTV technology have resulted in a range of systems that can be implemented in almost every situation and at reasonable costs. 


Access control

Livewire provide a comprehensive, independent and unbiased report on the condition of your installation. 


Rointe heating

Backed by over 30 years of experience and success, Rointe are the trusted name in electric heating. 


Recent developments in CCTV technology have resulted in a range of systems that can be implemented in almost every situation and at reasonable costs. Whether you need straightforward analogue monitoring or a fully remote IP networked system, speak to us and we will be happy to design a solution.

Each customer will have a set of criteria they wish the system to fulfill and by adopting a consultative approach we will be able to offer solutions that will meet both your needs and budget.

Where data network cabling exists, the systems can utilise that to save installation time and cabling cost. The CCTV systems can be viewed remotely using a PC, a tablet or a smartphone allowing the site to be monitored wherever you are and whenever you wish.

The images are stored onto the hard drive of a DVR (IP systems will vary but may use a NVR) and the images will fill up the drive before automatically overwriting the oldest footage on the drive and not requiring any ongoing input. The length of time that can be stored is dependent on the number of cameras, the amount of activity, the camera settings and the size of the hard drive.

There is a large range of cameras using analogue or IP technology in various forms including domes, bullets and camera bodies with housings. Most of the cameras available for external use now have infrared built in and so provide good pictures in total darkness. Please call us to discuss your requirements and we can provide information to assist you in making a choice.

We usually provide class leading industry standard equipment for our enterprise customers and those seeking ultimate security but recent developments have seen a range of good equipment being manufactured by lesser known companies which can provide a highly cost effective arrangement and open up options for CCTV systems at a lower entry point than previously possible. Please call us and we can advise what is available and would suit your needs.


CCTV - Axis Companion

AXIS Companion video management software is designed for small businesses needing to monitor their premises, people and assets. It offers quick and easy system setup and intuitive operation.

It allows users easy access to live or recorded video even from remote directly on a mobile device or PC with no need for network or router configuration.

The solution works for both single and multiple locations, and it scales to match your changing business needs.

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Access control

Access control is recognized as a cost effective way of both controlling access to sensitive areas and of monitoring staff movements within a given environment.  Livewire access control systems range from a single door protected by a digital code to multi-site campus style environments and encompasses everything between.

The systems vary in complexity dependant on the required levels of security and monitoring. Control of the systems varies from system to system but is quick and easy to implement and maintain either via the control unit or via a PC.

The advent of systems that run over an IP network have made it possible to link multiple sites and control them from one centralized location at low cost. As the systems can be installed utilizing existing network cabling, the installation costs have also reduced. The facility to view and control a system from any location when connected to the internet has made the management more flexible and removed the requirement for an on-site administrator.

Livewire work with many different brands buy our preferred supplier for most installations is Paxton Access who are a British company who provide a great product range at a good cost and excellent backup and service.

We have provided further information on the Paxton range below but please call us to discuss any requirements you may have on any brand of equipment.

Livewire can also provide a host of services to run alongside any access control systems to improve any sites security, such as CCTV and intercom systems.

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Access control - Fermax intercom

Investing in your personal electronic door phone entry system is one thing, being assured that you are getting quality products and after sales service is another.

Being a Specialist Livewire pride ourselves on knowing we are always ahead of the game, our offering is unique and truly professional so we offer a wide range of systems from audio to video, hard wired to wireless systems although wireless system signals can be limited by obstructions, metalwork etc.

Livewire selected product ranges give a high quality choice from leading manufacturers in Door Entry and Phone Entry and office for instance. NB: PABX requires a dedicated analogue landline r a dedicated analogue extension port.

Livewire selected product ranges give a high quality choice from leading manufacturers in Door Entry and Phone Entry and  Access Control Systems and are fully supported. Our selected systems cater for a single person living alone to a family dwelling or multi tenanted scenarios. Whatever your requirement we go that extra mile to give all our customers a consistent professional service.

Fermax is the Livewire chosen brand for many applications; we have had many years’ experience of installation and maintenance with the full range which is considered one of the leading brands in the door entry UK market, Fermax now have the most complete and innovative range of audio and video door entry systems.

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Rointe heating

The Livewire Rointe K Series Electric Radiators are perfect for keeping you warm in the winter months. Their elegant & slim line design, coupled with a non fading pure white finish ensures they look stylish in any home. The Livewire K Series also use Rointe’s patented, exclusive electrical technology – Optimizer Energy Plus. This ensures the Livewire K Series produce heat efficiently, resulting in you saving money on your heating bills.

Start saving on energy bills now!

Reduce and save money on your heating bills

Efficiently heats the whole room from floor to ceiling

Looks stylish with extremely easy installation

Thanks to Rointe’s innovative Optimizer Energy Plus technology, the K Series Electric Radiators are able to maintain a comfortable ambient temperature, using the right amount of energy only when needed. This allows the room to be at a stable temperature, allowing for more comfort.

Available in a range of sizes, the K Series is the perfect electric radiator for any sized room. Useful for both domestic housing and businesses, our K Series radiators have been seen in apartments, chalets and mobile homes to schools, nurseries, hospitals and offices.

Livewire have carried out a range of Rointe installations from office floors to domestic properties. For further information contact one of our specialist estimators who can advise you on the correct size units for any room size. 

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