Providing solutions to power your business

For over 20 years Livewire Voice and Data Communications has been at the forefront of an exciting revolution in telephone technology. Our aim is to help you achieve your business goals by providing the best solutions to allow you to work in the most effective way at the right price.

Whether you need Hosted telephony, an on-site telephone system, a network of systems across the country or to reduce your costs on calls, we can help. 

Livewire provide independent ‘needs based’ advice on a complete solution to achieve aims and reduce costs.

From our offices in Sutton, Surrey we are well placed to service businesses in London and throughout the UK.

Our dedicated fault reporting centre is staffed with an experienced team who will fully manage the entire fault reporting process.

Contact us today to discuss your telephony requirements on 020 8254 0800 or email on 


Telephone Systems


 Our knowledge and experience covers all aspects of business telephone systems, including VoIP and traditional PBX telephone systems from Avaya and Nortel, with call management system options with user friendly technology.



 Livewire supply and install Avaya telephone systems and carry out work on Nortel BCM50, Nortel BCM400/BCM450 as part of a wider portfolio.  Livewire  telephone system installation covers all aspects of the work from fitting the system, performing the cabling and plugging the handsets.



 Livewire offer a choice of maintenance contracts to offer peace of mind and business continuity at a realistic cost. Livewire also provide a fault repair service for telephone system faults which are not covered by an existing maintenance contract.

Lines and Calls


 Livewire Voice and Data Communications supply telephone lines and calls to business users at highly competitive rates. Whether you  need a single line, a SIP line or a high speed uncontended dedicated data link, we can supply it.

Telephone Systems

Livewire provides the telephone system to suit your business

Livewire Voice and Data Communications provide a full range of telephone systems to suit your needs and budget including, hosted telephone systems, on site telephone systems, multi-site telephone systems and simple key systems. 

At Livewire we believe that a telephone system is now far more than just a means of making and answering calls. A good telephone system will allow you to be connected wherever you are, to provide a unified messaging platform and to be more productive whilst giving your customer an enhanced service whilst actively reducing your call costs. For each company this mix of requirements will differ which is why Livewire will only provide individual ‘needs based’ advice to ensure that your telephone system fits your business and its future requirements at the best cost.

Modern telephone systems can do so much more than just distribute telephone calls including:

  • Automatic call distribution with multiple controls to free up reception staff.  
  • Voicemail sent to email- receive voicemails from anywhere and forward as required within and outside the organisation.
  • Remote and home workers-staff remote from the office working on a telephone extension connected to the office.
  • Call centre working-full call centre facilities with reporting facilities.
  • Click to dial – when working on your PC a simple click of a number dials the requested number.
  • Call recording-from ad hoc call recording at the touch of a button to full regulation call recording.

Unified communications-the place to pull together all your forms of communication into one manageable combined area.  Link systems from several sites-to create 1 large networked system with shared voicemails, reception facilities and more.

We are a preferred supplier of Avaya telephone systems  delivered over digital, analogue or SIP lines and extensions. Livewire understand that the language of telephones is confusing with the use of too many acronyms so please feel free to call us on 020 8254 800 for clarification.

To discuss how your phone system can work harder for you contact us at




One of the broadest business phone and device portfolios in the industry.



A global leader in the design, installation and management of telecommunications infrastructure. 


Telephone installations

Livewire Voice & Data Communications carry out the entire range of telephone installation work using our qualified employed telephone engineers based in our offices in Sutton in Surrey. From system design and build, installation at the customer’s premises, handset rollout, cabling, programming, testing and customer training. The customer is kept fully informed throughout the process.

Livewire supply and install a selection of ‘best of breed’ equipment ranging from telephone systems through cabling networks to containment working alongside other contractors as necessary to ensure complete customer satisfaction. Whatever you need our experienced engineering team will be happy to help, please call us for a quotation on 020 8254 0800.

Livewire are able to provide additional equipment and handsets at competitive prices and change/expand/update your existing telephone system.

Please contact us to discuss your installation needs on 020 8254 0800

Telephone Systems

To reduce time at the customer’s premises and guarantee 1st time operation, we build the system at our workshop in to ensure that the hardware sent from the supplier is working correctly and carry pre-programming to apply the required licenses.

 The  telephone system will only work as well as it is programmed and Livewire go to great lengths to collect the correct information to allow us to configure the system to provide the greatest benefit in line with your office practices.

On site we will connect the system to the lines, computer network and extensions before thorough testing and providing user training.

Talk to us about out of hours changeovers, minimising office disruption and eliminating system downtime during installation on 020 8254 0800

Telephone System Cabling

 Livewire can install all the cabling systems required by a telephone system in even the most challenging environments. Whether a conventional office building or an outside space or campus site we have experience in designing and installing a solution that will give long term performance at competitive rates. Our qualified telephone engineers carry the best tooling and instruments to carry out installations in accordance with the regulations and the customers preferences.

Livewire will work on the cabling network of systems that are maintained by others to provide a cost effective high quality service where existing maintenance does not cover the cabling.

 Traditional distribution systems utilised large multicore telephone cables feeding local cables via local distribution points and terminated in telephone sockets. This is a cost effective way to cable large numbers of sockets but suffers from a lack of flexibility. Call us on 020 8254 0800 to discuss the options available for traditional cabling.

 Most telephone systems now distribute the extension cabling over a data network. This can be a mixture of copper, fibre and wireless mediums and has the advantage of greater flexibility. For more information on data networks click here

We are happy to take on an existing telephone system and cabling network for maintenance, please contact us to discuss or for further information click here



The Livewire Voice & Data Communications team have over 50 years telecommunications maintenance experience across all leading telephone systems from the latest IP enabled solutions to the BT Meridian. For all your maintenance needs we are happy to provide information and a competitive quote, please contact us or telephone 020 8254 0800

Maintenance contracts

Our business phone system maintenance service can help you avoid the cost of replacing a poorly performing system and minimise risk of any system downtime to guarantee a service level to meet your business requirements.

Our maintenance schemes allow you to:

  • Identify issues before they occur and keep the system running smoothly
  • Ensure faults are dealt with according to an agreed schedule
  • Budget efficiently rather than paying a premium whenever an issue occur
  • Have a quick, single contact point if an unexpected issue occurs

Our dedicated support service uses a remote access facility, allowing our telephone engineers to connect to a client’s telecoms system directly. This allows us to diagnose any issues before we arrive on site, by remotely accessing your telephones systems we are able to reduce the down time and effect a ‘first visit’ repair.

Working from our offices in Sutton, Surrey and Poole, Dorset. Livewire maintain telephone systems nationwide. We hold parts and information on Nortel BCM50 Nortel BCM400, Nortel BCM450, Avaya IP Office ready for immediate dispatch.

Livewire will maintain telephone systems, telephone handsets, telephone cabling and network cabling.

For more information on telephone system maintenance please contact us today on 020 8254 0800

Ad hoc Maintenance

Some customers find themselves in a situation where they are not currently covered by a maintenance contract but have a fault with their their telephone system. Livewire understand how important a working telephone system is and will undertake emergency telephone system maintenance in the event of a breakdown. Livewire can undertake this work on a time and material basis quoted in advance so the customer has a clear understanding of the cost and likely outcome of a site visit.

If you require a maintenance visit to clear an immediate fault please call us on 020 8254 0800 or contact us and we will endeavour to help!

Managed maintenance plan

A Livewire managed maintenance plan brings with it the ability to have all telephone issues from all branches managed from a central location.

Dedicated qualified staff in our call center provide a single focal point to help simplify maintenance in your telecommunications environment.

Livewire provide vendor coordination, maintenance transition and delivery management for Nortel, Avaya and BT products.

Our flexible, end-to-end solution services can include:

  •  Maintenance management
  •  Repair coordination
  •  Problem management
  •  Administration

To discuss how a fault management service can save time and money contact us on 020 8254 0800


Lines and calls

Since 1989, Livewire Voice and Data Communications have been providing bespoke telephone systems, call packages and phone line solutions to businesses throughout the UK.

Our objective is to tailor our communication solutions specifically to your requirements and by using the best combination of technology and products we can achieve savings greater than possible by switching supplier alone.

Call us on 020 8254 0800 to discuss reducing cost on:

  • SIP lines
  • ISDN lines
  • Analogue lines
  • Fax lines
  • Broadband connectivity
  • FTTC (Infinity) data connections
  • Leased line data connections

We are committed to delivering the cheapest business calls possible, without compromising quality. We do this by profiling your call usage, looking at your current supplier package and any billing issues to determine the best possible business call alternative – savings of up to 40% are not untypical.

Livewire will perform a free audit of your bill to assess your possible savings!

Please contact Livewire to discuss how we can save you money on your telephone bills and add features to save you time and money on 020 8254 080